Sales & Marketing

Sales Management & Training

For companies whose sales programs need to be restructured for performance.

We work with CEOs and top managers to understand what deficiencies they have as an organization, and then implement processes and procedures to alleviate those obstacles. We implement sustainable sales recruiting, training, and mentoring programs that create scalable sales competencies and promote long-term success.

Top Tier Sales & Business Development

Where the rubber meets the road.

Every consultant has an opinion on how to best approach markets and deliver values; however, very few (or none) ever jump in the trenches and pick up a rifle along side you. That’s where the Blarney Ventures team comes into play, or rather jumps into action! We collectively identify your target market, evaulate the channels and tools to reach them, then creatively orchestrate and execute a customized sales strategy to drive new business. Our sales team is second to none, and our ability to make meaningful introductions and ignite campaigns in your marketplace will be evident in your sales numbers.

Marketing Campaign Development & Execution

We’ve heard it before: great product, no awareness, no leads. Well, that’s about to change.

Whether the challenge is brand awareness, lead generation, or any other barrier to growth, Blarney Ventures has the marketing prowess necessary to get you past your marketing obstacles. With capabilities ranging from comprehensive creative and design, to expert inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, email, and social media marketing, the team at Blarney can conceptualize, plan, develop, and execute strategic marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Already got leads? Great, now it’s time to convert them to customers.

Lead generation is only beginning. A successful marketing and sales synergy exists only when marketing nurtures leads through funnel and passes them off to sales when they are educated and ready to close. Blarney has built many successful marketing and sales automation programs, that result in cost-efficient and scalable acquisition programs. A functioning marketing and sales automation program is truly a thing of beauty and power.